The incident caused major traffic jams and ended with four suspects dead.

Image: IOL

DURBAN – The death of four men, believed to be well-known hijackers targeting luxury and fast cars to use as getaway cars in robberies, brought  New Town A in Inanda to a state of chaos during their vigils and burials at the weekend.

The ceremonies caused almost the same drama as during the wild-west type shootout that unfolded between the men-believed to be on their way to commit a robbery in a hijacked Mercedes Benz-and the police on the N2 northbound freeway near Nandi Drive two Friday’s ago.

The police spotted the car with five occupants and attempted to stop it, but the suspects opened fire at the police while fleeing.

The incident caused major traffic jams and ended with four suspects dead, one severely injured and two police officers injured. Motorist Debbie Stephen, who was caught up in the crash, was seriously injured and is still in hospital.

Police who were deployed to monitor their burials were stoned.

And several police cars were damaged when a group of people attacked them during a night vigil of two of the men on Friday.

Since the news of the death of the four alleged hijackers, the community of Ematendeni in New Town A have had mixed feelings about the incident with some threatening to deal with the police and those who “sold” their brothers out.

A message from an unknown source circulated through social media, warning people not to use the N2 at, Nandi Drive claiming that there would be a night vigil across the freeway and the prospect of possible violence instilled fear in motorists.

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