''luckily you were moving forward or else it would have landed right on top of you.''

Image: Youtube

The moment a car plunged seven stories from a parking garage and slammed into the street below has been captured on camera.

The woman behind the wheel is believed to have mistakenly hit the wrong pedal – sending her flying from the structure in Austin, Texas.

As the car plummets to the floor, a vehicle in the alley below edges forward, avoiding a direct hit.

Despite the impact seen in the horrifying video, the driver managed to escape with only minor injuries.

William Burch was in the car on the ground floor. He was driving his Tahoe and said he thought enough to move when he heard the commotion overhead.

‘My window was down and I heard something really loud and abnormal, so I just started driving forward and the vehicle landed on the backside of the Tahoe,’ Burch said to Fox 7 Austin.

Somehow both Burch and the driver of the car that fell seven stories escaped with their lives. The driver was transported to the hospital and was expected to survive, while Burch walked away unharmed.

‘She was upside down. They had to pull her out from her seatbelt and her head was bloody and they pulled her off to the side under the awning’ Burch said.

Burch said the officer told him how much of a near miss this was: ‘The police officer said ”luckily you were moving forward or else it would have landed right on top of you.”

‘The retention cables didn’t hold,’ Austin Police Department Cpl. Christopher Carlisle told Fox 7.

‘The car went off the building, bounced off 515 Congress Avenue, fell and landed on a car that was going northbound in the alleyway before it hit the street,’ according to Carlisle.

‘I’m not a structural engineer. I don’t design buildings, but there seems to be something, a flaw,’ Carlisle added.