We need more Alfred’s in South Africa!

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Meet Alfred, 

He walks door to door trying to earn an honest living. I have great respect for people like Alfred so after hearing his sales pitch I decided to take him up on his offer… I gave him the go-ahead to paint my street number on my pavement. Yes I have my street number on my home which is easily visible during the day… but not really at night. The benefit – the fact that, in the event of an emergency, my home will be easily identifiable, day or night. The police, ambulance, security company or any other help will be able to see my street number because of the reflective safety paint he uses. Simple yet effective in my view.

While he was busy we got chatting and he gave me a bit of background on his business. His business is called Universal Sign Writers and he has been in the game for 16 years. He also does road markings for complexes, signs on dustbins, painting houses/complexes, and advertising boards.

It has taken many years of hard work but he has finally achieved his life long dream of building a home for his family in Thokoza Park. Respect! He would love to purchase a vehicle and grow his business so that he can employ the youth in his area.

Lets help Alfred achieve his goals so he can provide for his family, and create employment and opportunity for his community.

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We need more Alfred’s in South Africa!

His number is 071 574 3415.


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